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We are a London based multi-platform production company, creating events, audio and digital content. We specialise in sport, comedy, entertainment and fitness, partnering with major brands and networks to inspire, create and bring ideas, however crazy they may seem to life. 

We pride ourselves in our straight up approach and we strive to live outside the norm.

Because who wants to be like everyone else?


Events are fast becoming part of every brands marketing strategy, but it’s not always easy to get it right. We have experience in producing events for 20 people to 5,000 people, each one as unique as the next. We look at what others are creating for inspiration and then we figure out how we can do it better. We recognise what our clients and their audience want whilst instilling our expertise to ensure we make a lasting impression on both. 

Talent booking & producing

We have extensive experience when it comes to working with and sourcing talent, in all areas from sport to comedy to music. The work we produce ensures we are consistently working with high profile people and this has enabled us to develop strong relationships with the talent and their management. Whether it’s booking people for panel shows, brand partnerships, or events, you can ensure we will be creative with our approach and we always deliver specifically to each individual project.


We’re pretty good at what we do and we’re here to share with you what and who we know. We work with businesses and brands in many different ways. From providing and working with talent to creating format ideas, to advising brands on their strategy. We’ve realised, from experience an outsiders perspective can be a valuable asset and we thrive on the idea that we can help inspire and re-energise other companies and individuals to reach their full potential.

Brands we've worked with

Some of our partners

Our companies
C Hear Content
The Brand Podcast Creators

Part of the CopC Productions group, C Hear Content was set up in 2020 to create podcasts for brands.


As audio specialists and brand content producers we use our experience, talent relationships and network to engage and connect audiences with brands through ambitious, bold and authentic storytelling.


What to know why brand podcasts are fast becoming the holy grail of marketing?

Ep 10 Tony Bellew.jpg

Our sister companies

Created by CopC Productions, our unique underground movement brings sports fans together. Offering unique experiences and content ahead of the worlds biggest sporting events. it is the disruptor to the corporate model that prices fans out of the action.

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